Frequently Asked Legal Questions

Can I get my DWI dismissed?

It depends on the facts of your case. We will discuss defenses that may
apply to you. No one can quarantee you a dismissal. I will try my best to
get you out of the DWI. I have been successful in having many of my
client's cases dismissed.

DWI's dismissed or reduced?

Should I take a breath test?
NO! DON'T BLOW! Refuse to take the breath test.
Should I take a blood test?

Only if you have not had any alcohol to drink. That test is accurate. If you have been drinking alcohol, do not agree to a blood test.
What do I HAVE to do when stopped by the police?

You have to identify yourself show your driver's license show proof of insurance.
You do not have to answer any questioins or perform any tests!
What evidence will there be if I don't take a test?

The police will be video taping you the entire time. That will be the evidence.

What happens when you go to jail? Click here.

What happens when you get arrested for DWI? Click here.

Travis District Court - Judges Contact Info.

147th District Criminal Court- (7th Floor)
Judge: Clifford Brown
Judicial Aide: 854-9311
Fax: 854-6494

299th District Criminal Court- (8th Floor)
Judge: Karen Sage
Judicial Aide: 854-9442
Fax: 854-6494

390th District Criminal Court- (7th Floor)
Judges: Julie Kocurek
Judicial Aide: 854-4885
Fax: 854-4680

Magistrate Court- (9th Floor)
Judge: Leon Grizzard
Judicial Aide- 854-9009
Fax: 854-4682

County Court-at-Law 3 – (5th Floor)
Judge: John Lipscombe
Judicial Aide: 854-9243

County Court-at-Law 5- (4th Floor)
Judge: Nancy Hohengarten
Judicial Aide: 854-9676
Fax: 854-4685

County Court-at-Law 7- (6th Floor)
Judge: Elisabeth Earle
Judicial Aide: 854-9679
Fax: 854-3793

167th District Criminal Court- (8th Floor)
Judge: Mike Lynch
Judicial Aide: 854-9310
Fax: 854-6425

331st District Criminal Court- (9th Floor)
Judge: David Crain
Judicial Aide-854-9443

403rd District Criminal Court- (6th Floor)
Judge: Brenda Kennedy
Judicial Aide: 854-9808
Fax: 854-4683

427th District Court- (3rd Floor)
Judge: Jim Coronado
Judicial Aide:854-3663
Fax: 854-2227

County Court-at-Law 4-(3rd Floor)
Judge: Mike Denton
Judicial Aide-854-9896
Fax: 854-4887

County Court-at-Law 6- (4th Floor)
Judge: Brandy Mueller
Judicial Aide: 854-9677

County Court-at-Law 8- (5th Floor)
Judge: Carlos Barrera
Judicial Aide: 854-7180

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