What Happens When You Go To Jail?

Well depending on what you’ve been arrested for will determine what the beginning processes of being arrested is like. For example if you are arrested with a ton of stuff you will be first taken to the city of Lakeway jail - which consists of a bench you get chained to. Then you’ll get to watch the police officers sort through all your crap cataloging and verifying if what you posses is really yours to posses. This can take hours and the city of Lakeway does not feed you. Depending on what time they finish will determine when you leave. If by chance they finish around rush hour and you’ve been organized by the city of Lakeway, the police officers will again make you sit there and wait still chained to the bench till traffic has died down.

From the Lakeway precinct you then are driven in an undercover police car handcuffed still to the county jail. Once there you then get to witness some very colorful life of Austin. You’ll sit on a bench until the Lakeway officers get to the front of the line where they hand you over to the two sheriffs in charge of booking you. Once there you will be searched again. Your shoes will be taken and possibly your clothes too. You must remove all jewelry and I mean all of your clothes are taken - you will be given your stripes and it is unlikely they will have your size. They will also ask you questions about medications and your psychological state of mind. Do not expect these cops to be nice. They aren’t most of the time.

After you’ve finished that step next comes more sitting and waiting. You're placed in a chair in a large room. One side is men and the other side is women. They also have padded rooms for inmates who miss behave. (Which can be just about anything). Even blowing a kiss to someone across the room or talking to the opposite sex inmates. You’ll be sitting there a while and depending on when you get there you may or may not be fed the last meal in county jail is at about 4:00 p.m. If you get there any later you will not be fed until 4:00a.m. You will be sitting in the big room for any amount of time. It all just depends on how busy it is. You’ll again be asked questioned about your mental health you may or may not get to see the medic. That will depend on whether you have a valid prescription for medication. You’ll also get your mug shot taken which may or may not be published in busted magazine and you will get to make a phone call if you choose.

Soon after that your name will be called and you will be issued your stripes and jail shoes which are orange uncomfortable crock sandals. After the officers have collected all of your personal items from you and placed them in your designated yellow bag, (which you won’t see again) you are then taken to an elevator. You will be told to face the back of the elevator. Once the elevator has arrived at the floor you will be residing at you’ll be filed out one by one. You’ll be led through a couple of big automatic locking doors. Once in your cell you will be locked in there.

You have your own toilet and water source. You will be locked in that cell always. They bring you breakfast at 4:00a.m. Lunch at 10a.m. dinner at 4:00 p.m. it’s a brown bag with not so appetizing food. They only times you get let out of the cell is to once again get assigned when you’ll see the judge, another psych evaluation going to court and then of course when you get moved to Del Valley. Once you’ve seen a judge which could be at any time of day depending on if there is room at Del or not will decide on when you will be moved. They usually move you around 7a.m. but there are the rare cases when you can be moved earlier like I was moved at 2a.m. while in county you can’t shower by the way. When you're being moved you turn in your orange crocks for nicer black ones. Also you will be given two more sets of stripes, a pillow case toothpaste, comb and sheets. You’ll be hand cuffed to another inmate, loaded onto a bus and driven the 30 minutes to Del Valle. When you get there you’ll get dropped at which ever building your assigned to and then once inside you will be searched again and given a bag for your stuff and you get unhand cuffed. You’ll be sent to a unit then to your tank and where you're assigned a cell and a bed.

Once at Del your new schedule is breakfast at 5a.m. then back to bed. Wake up at 7:00a.m. - which is when you clean your tank with your cellies. After clean up is done, you can shower, read, play cards or go back to sleep. Lunch is at 10:00 a.m. again you have to entertain yourself there is nothing to do. NOTHING. Dinner is at 5p.m. and then lights out is at 11:00p.m. During the day you may or may not go outside and then the guards have what is called rack up time. It’s like 30 minutes of silence and they do room checks and inmate count. All in all jail sucks big time. All you can really do is sit around eat and sleep. Of course there are classes you can sign up for but it takes a while to get processed commissary. You can buy phone cards, paper, envelopes and food but only if you have money on your books - that's the jail experience. It just sucks straight up.

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